I’m that person.

I’m that person who pisses everyone off in this weather.

I drive like an old lady and brake more than I really should.
I keep an extremely safe distance between me and the peeps in front of me.
I drive at 10 and 2 and my knuckles are white.
I have anxiety the entire time I’m behind the wheel in this weather.
I have a headache by the time I get home from clenching my teeth.

I’m that person that drives everyone nuts.  That everyone screams, “Come on! It’s just a little snow!  You live in Indiana!  You should be able to handle it!”

Truth is….I can’t handle it.

Ever since that car accident back in winter of 2002 I have been unable to cope while driving with confidence in this weather.  I’m scared to death that I’m going to spin out of control and wind up head on with a tree again.

So, there you have it.  That’s why I’m that person in this weather.

Give me a break!

Now….I do enjoy this weather for a variety of reasons.  Sledding, maybe even skiing if we can ever get away, and especially snowmobiling with my sweetie.

We got to cruise around tonight and enjoyed a little ride together.  He makes me a nervous wreck usually going too fast and enjoying hearing me squeal and nag him.  It’s all part of his plan to get me to squeeze him a little tighter.

Even though I’m “that” person on the road I can enjoy the weather from the safety of the backseat with my man or from the comfort of our home.

Be safe everyone!

Isn’t he a hottie?

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