Just the two of us

We are so blessed to have amazing photos from the very talented Meigan with Blink Photogaphy. She and her assistant, McKinsey, captured some of my favorite moments from our day. 
Just the two of us…

You may have seen this one in the paper. 
Or, you may not have, considering it was blended in with the classifieds. 
I’m so glad I paid $53 to be blended with the classifieds. 

And the perfect photo for our thank you cards….

I think this one is getting framed….

I don’t normally love pictures of myself, but I do love these….


My veil and my dress don’t match at all, but wearing my mom’s veil made the day even more perfect. 

I’m so glad I didn’t hide my tattoo.

Happy Monday everyone, 

That First Look

Before I saw the man I would spend the rest of my life with….I wanted to see the guy who would give me away.  
Emotions ran high for some very obvious reasons.  
I was more nerve that my dad would be a mess and then I became a mess.  The thought that I would be given away almost terrified me.  For 30+ years I was his little girl.  Now, I had to grow up and start a family with someone.  Hopefully someday have our own little ones.  
Seeing my dad brought up so many thoughts and emotions. 
He looked so handsome. 
Looking back I feel like after this moment the entire day just flew by. 
Again, I want to thank Meigan and McKinsey with Blink Photography for capturing all these amazing moments.  

Then the photo gals took me outside to wait for my guy. 
The look on his face was priceless.  
He looked terrified, yet ecstatic.  

He grabbed my hands and said, “wow….that dress”
Those words said it all. 

I probably could have stayed in this moment for the rest of the day.
Just looking at each other. 
Melting away in the heat….and love.  

Then he pulled away again and just kept looking me over. 
That, ladies, makes you feel REAAAAALLLLLL good. 

And we walked towards the gazebo.  The place we would say “I Do” just a few short hours later.  
I knew I wouldn’t have the sense to take it all in during the moment of the actual vows so I’m glad we took the opportunity during photos to do so.  

This man is my forever.  

Love him so, 


I apologize for the delay in wedding blogs, but life has dealt us a different hand of cards I was not expecting….to say the least.  Life gets busy and you forget about how enjoyable and relaxing it can be before the craziness of back to school begins or the aftermath of a major life event…like our wedding.  
I hope to continue blogging for as long as I possibly can, but I’ll just have to be honest and admit that it may not be as regularly as I had hoped.  Just like the stack of books I have to read.  I may not get to read them as often as I would like.  End of the day approaches and most of the time I just want to lay down and close my eyes.  That book sits next to me wishing to be read…and I just don’t have the energy for it.  
One thing is for certain that I have learned in our first month of marriage.  Life isn’t easy, but as long as you have your family and close friends by your side….it’s manageable.  And through it all, I know that there are a million other people out there that have it way worse than me.  Sure I through a couple of pity parties for myself…who hasn’t?  In the end…I’ve got my husband who is working really hard to make this marriage the best it can be.  I’ve got my family who kicks ass at being by my side through it all.  I’ve got great friends who know just what to say at the right time.  
So….let’s take a look at our lovely rehearsal back on July 17, 2014.  The weather was perfect.  The people were perfect.   The littles did so well, which made me highly doubt they would be able to pull it off again in two days.  The moments of rehearsal made me nervous.  It was all becoming incredibly real.  Not like I was going to vomit, real.  Just shaky, real.  

Chatting things over with Bridesmaid Amanda

This would be the scenery behind us as we got married.
I paid attention at rehearsal because I knew I wouldn’t be able to on the real day!

Sassy Pants Willow

Flower girls getting ready for practice!

My best friend.  My girl.  My MOH….Meg

Love this boy and all his antics.  One of our handsome ring bearers…

Bridesmaids Jeffer and Krista Lee

Another cutey ring bearer…Brody Law

Practicing the giving away part.  I got a little emotional here.  

What hams!

Miss Mallory

Who knows what was being said at this point!

I know it’s hard not to criticize ourselves in photos….but MAN that butt is big.  

Loving Brody’s look here.  A few of our groomsmen, Cody and Joel and ring bearers Brody and Colton

A good looking group of men!

The parents

Chunky boy Walker

Brody waving!

This was incredibly uncomfortable!

Decorating crew +1!

He just loves having his picture taken!

The holding cell.  

One more round of practice!

If only they would have done this on the real day.
Cutest thing ever!

I really don’t know what Willow is doing.
Probably the queen wave we’ve always taught her. 

The ladies

Signing my life away…

Or the marriage certificate. 

Pastor Woody!

Shai and Walker!

What a great evening.  I’m so glad we have the pictures to remember all these special moments.  

Love to all,

Last fling before the ring…

A week before our wedding I was blessed by my MOH and my family and friends to have one last night out as a single lady.  It was a BLAST to say the least.  We took a party bus downtown and had the luxury of starting the lingerie shower at my best buddy Ted’s house.  Of course he wasn’t home to enjoy all the fun, but we did poke (literally) fun at him a bit and left him so beer bottles in the flower beds. 
 Following the little shower and games we headed to Bakersfield which has the best guacamole and margaritas that I’ve ever known.  Yummo.  Seriously.  At this point I had quite the buzz going and may have tormented and totally annoyed some of the other Bakersfield visitors.  Oh well….
After Bakersfield we cruised in our bus a little bit and took part in all the yummy drinks the ladies had packed for us.  After our cruise we ended up at a fantastic show at Talbot Street.  Those ladies (err…uhhh…men?) never cease to dissappoint.  
As soon as we left I bothered a cop and asked him if he was next surprise.  Unfortunately he was a real cop and was not amused at all by what I asked.  Oops!  Then I was ready to continue the party.  Problem is…no one else was.  So, I pouted and was mad.  And next thing you know they’ve got pictures of me passed out on the bus.  Can you imagine?  
Fun was seriously had by all, especially me….I most definitely will never be able to thank all these girls enough for spending the evening with me enjoying being Miss Plank one more time!

Up next….  Rehearsal and Rehearsal dinner!

Meet the Greeter Gals!

Four beautiful ladies will be greeting everyone as they come to our wedding and we are so grateful for all of them.

To my two beautiful cousins who are like little sisters, Cheyanne and Codi – I love you both dearly and can’t imagine my life without you.  From our days of the Barbie workout video to holding my hair back at a New Year’s Eve celebration and concerts.    Time has flown by and I’ve watched you both grow from the cutest little chunky babes to incredibly beautiful grown women.  I can’t wait to see all that life brings you and certainly can’t imagine my special day without you both in it.

To one of my dear best friends, Ashley – I believe fate has somehow brought us together.  Sure, we grew up in close communities just down the road from each other.  However, we’ve always had the same interests and some how our paths never crossed long enough to become so close. 
Then….they did!  I’ll forever be grateful for our friendship and so glad that fate finally brought us together to be forever friends.  We always have a good time together, despite the poison ivy.  You can always make me laugh.  I love everything about you and will always be there to help you through good times and bad….even for the tiniest things such as spelling.  🙂
I owe you big time for being such a huge part of making our wedding look beautiful.  Your ideas and talents are incredible and I’m lucky you wanted to help me make this special day so gorgeous.  

To the master of cakes and love of my brother – Thank you for being a part of our family and making him smile.  You have done so much for our boys and we love having you around.  You are special to us and I’m glad you will be a part of our special day!

11 days left!   #plankschenckwedding

Meet the Flower Girls

Meet the Flower Girls!

We have a lot of precious littles in our life.  It was really tough to pick out just one little boy and one little girl to represent all of our happiness.  We just plain couldn’t.

So, we had to pick 3 precious angel boys and 3 angel girls.  They aren’t always angels, but they sure are adorable!

First up is the little ladies….


As she will tell you, we are one in the same.  And, we really truthfully are.  I don’t know how my sister was blessed with me for 18 years and then me again for another 18.  She is so lucky!  (sarcasm.  major sarcasm.)

She would also tell you that she is HEAD Flower Girl.

From the minute Shai was born I know we would be buddies.  We are birthday buddies and lifelong buddies.  She even has/had a shirt to prove it!

I love everything about this girl, even though we clash at times.  Sometimes people who are eerily alike do that!  She is smart.  She is sassy.  She is powerful and charming.  I am proud of all the things she’s accomplished in her 8 little years and my pride grows daily when I think of the steps she has taken out of her comfort zone.  She’s going to be one of those fierce women in about 10 years that you most certainly don’t want to mess with.

I’m so glad she will lead me down the aisle with flower petals.  I wouldn’t have our special day any other way!


My dear sweet Kynsey Lee.  The day you were born there was an instant buddy for Shailynn and another little pretend niece for me!  I may not technically be your aunt but I certainly treat you like you are just one of our own.  I enjoy our special time together.  You’re a wonderful helper and an excellent baker.  We can giggle to just about anything and I hope I haven’t taught you too many naughty things.  Remember, “Don’t do as a I say or do.  In fact….don’t pay attention to me at all!”

I can’t wait to see you, Shai, and Willow walk down the aisle looking so beautiful in your dresses.  You’ll probably be stealing from the candy buffet and breaking moves on the dance floor all night long.  I can’t wait!  I feel so special that when someone asked you what your summer plans were, you responded with….”We have a wedding.”  That’s right girlfriend…WE HAVE A WEDDING!  Wahoo!


Oh little Willow.  You have a light and life inside you the size of Texas.  I knew my best friend would be blessed with a bountiful little bundle of joy as amazing as you!  Some how I feel like your behaviors are a bit more like me and not as soft and precious as your momma.  You make us all smile and we love your sweet little attitude.  You have a great personality and loads of character.  I have loved watching you grow up!

I can’t wait to see you walk down the aisle with the big girls in your pretty dress.  The day will be so fun because you are a part of it!

And look…..one flower girl feeding another!

Can’t wait to see these precious girls lead the way as I take my steps down the aisle!

Next up is my sweet little men….

Meet the Groomsmen

Time to meet the groomsmen!  I’m so fortunate to be marrying my best friend.  Along with marrying my best friend I have gained more friendships with his best buds…and I have to admit…he has pretty great taste in friends.

Best Man – Dave

Best Man are perfect words to describe this guy for my guy.  He is always there for him and even there past the time I’d like for Mike to be out.  But, you’ll have that.  Those two typically know how to get in trouble and from what I’ve heard….it’s been a long life of getting in trouble together.

Dave always makes me laugh and I love watching him grow and lead Michael in the right direction of a wonderful family man.  🙂  Hopefully he doesn’t lead him astray too often.  I’ll try and forgive you for the night on the patio in Florida and the late night at the tavern.  I’ll also try and forgive you for the many nights you and Michael conveniently don’t answer your phone and I’ll try and forgive you ahead of time for the bachelor party weekend you’re about to adventure on.  Remember….he’s about to be my husband so soon you’ll have to answer me!


First, Joel was my cousin.  Then, he became my boyfriends good friend.  Now, he’s more like my fiances girlfriend because I swear those two talk and text more on the phone than any of my friends and I.

Sometimes I tease Michael that the only reason he is marrying me is so he can be related to Joel.  So he can be closer to Joel.  Hopefully, it’s not true!

Joel is a great friend to Mike and a wonderful part of our family.  We’re lucky to have Joel and Kelli in our lives.  We are SO lucky that Kelli decided to introduce Mike and I back in August 2010 at the tractor pull.  She was right on when she said she had found the phone for me!  Thank you Kelli!


Our old neighbor and dear friend, Cody.  We spent many nights on your porch or ours.  We spent many nights at the shop hanging out.  We’ve even driven on a snowmobile in a blizzard to see you!  I love your little family, and especially your wife.  You two put smiles on everyone’s face and we were so blessed to be there for your special day.  I’m glad you can stand next to Mike for our special day.  Thank you for being a wonderful friend to him!


My soon to be brother.  Although we only get to see you once or twice a year, I always look forward to our time together.  Or, hearing updates from Mikey after you two get off of one of your super long phone calls on a Sunday afternoon.  You are excellent in the kitchen and some day I will visit the kitchen you master in Idaho!  Thank you for being a part of our special day.  We wouldn’t have it any other way!

Joshy my brother

From purchasing my first ever stuffed animal at the hospital, to helping me on the bus for my first day of school, a few parties together in college, a short stint of living together when I needed you the most, and today being a wonderful big brother and still tormenting me with your amazing abilities.

I love you dearly Joshua.  I still have the letter you wrote me when I went to college.  I’ve read it often.  You were so honest and I was so clueless.  I wish I had listened to you a little bit more.  We’ve been through hell and back as a family.  I admire you for being an amazing dad the minute you had to be.  You’re caring and hardworking and despite the fact you drive me nuts sometimes (because that’s what brothers do) I wouldn’t trade you for the world.  I know I can come to you for anything and not too many sisters can say that.  Thank you for being a part of our day.  I can’t imagine taking the next step in life without you by our side.


I’m also fortunate that my best friend is allowing my other best friend to stand up with him.  I’ve been through a lot with this guy….birthday parties, graduation parties, dates with friends, secret parties from our parents, college nights, etc.  I can’t imagine my childhood and teenage years without Ted.  Although time and growing up have certainly spread us apart a little bit, I can pick right back up with him where we left off.  I adore his girlfriend.  I’m proud of his work ethic and time dedicated to his family.  He’s a true friend, one that would and will always be a part of our lives as we grow old.

I hope someday our babies can have parties together and sneak off and make crazy mistakes just like we did.  We had a lot of fun growing up and I’m sure they will too!  Thank you for being a part of our special day Ted.  I always said I’d ask you be on my side and wear a dress, but I’m really glad Mike said it was a better idea for you to stand up with him.  I’m also glad that the pact we made about getting married at 30 changed to 40.  My forever asked me a week later and I’m pretty sure you’ve found the one too.  As long as she can put up with you!  Thank you for being a part of our day.  Can’t wait until July 19th to celebrate!

We’re very blessed to have 6 girls 6 guys who love us enough to stand with us on July 19th and tell the world we should be together….and that they support us and our future.  Friends are important.  In our case, friends are family.  We love them all dearly!